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We produce original educational programming for children growing in a digital age. Our shows promote science, art, problem solving, and cross cultural understanding. 


 We believe that play and laughter are important elements of learning. Our shows inspire curiosity and empower kids to connect with the world around them. It is important that young people see themselves reflected in the media they consume. We are committed to this, not only onscreen, but also by hiring writers, artists, editors and production crews that reflect the racial, ethnic, and gender diversity represented in our shows.



ARIEL POSTER is the lead graphic artist on Sesame Street. She's produced documentaries and worked as a graphic artist for productions on HBO, Starz, Cinemax, PBS, ABC, and NBC. She believes in socially responsible media that fosters cross-cultural learning for kids around the world.

MARISSA SHER is a writer, producer, and graphic designer. She's an avid lover and writer of children's literature, educational kids content, and animated comedy series. She also gets many of her laughs working as lead graphic artist for Saturday Night Live's film unit. 

REBECCA ISRAEL has worked in all phases of production for film and TV, specializing in documentaries.  She works on projects for HBO, PBS, Sundance Channel, Comedy Central, and NBC.  She is passionate about exploring various models of education around the world and recently completed a documentary about indigenous education in Costa Rica.